design home free diamonds

About our Design Home Diamonds Generator

Design Home Cheats is a tool, which allows you to generate unlimited value for your game on iOS and Android.

How does it work?

By John Smith posted May 2017

When you visit website you can read all informations abour our tool. But what you have to do is scroll to bottom of the page and see the design home generator. You would have to provide us an amount of diamonds you want to generate, your platform and confirm that you want to add them. We connect to the database and modify your in-game account balance.  There are no footprints. You're totally safe. We do not use any detectable method. You are undetected and have nothing to worry about. You won't be blocked. After generating unlimed diamonts, limits don't exist for you! You have a very big choice while designing your own room. You can choose from many of premium branded furnitures, create your room that you dreamt about and then publish your design on the app and let other people to vote for it! Gain high marks, be the best designer in this awesome iOS and Android App. Great, huh? If you don't know how to get free diamonds design home, just visit How to use page and then you will know all the instructions!

Who are we?

We are 2 friends, man and woman, who love playing Design Home game. One time, we thought, that we need more diamonds. We saw the prices and there the idea rised. Why should we pay for bunch of diamonds if we have required experience to make own bot which will generate unlimited resources. Then we worked for long weeks and we were able to add them as we wanted! After that, we decided to publish it online and earn some cash from advertisers. So here you see it! It is a very good alternative to paying for diamonds. You just see ads, like on other websites! Everyone earn on advertisments so it shouldn't be something new for you. You can come to this website every time you want and get Design Home free diamonds in unlimited amounts!  Sounds good, right?