How to generate free diamonds in Design Home

It is very easy ;) Everything you need is our page to access online diamonds generator.
See the bottom of this page :)

How to use our tool.


Step 1

Just visit our Design Home Generator website, scroll down to the bottom of the website and see the tool.

Step 2

Provide us your username that you use in game. If it is not available, just type your e-mail adress that you use in App Store / Google Play Store. 

Step 3

Type the amount of Diamonds you want to add and confirm. That's all. Our design home generator will assign diamonds automatically to your account. You have to do nothing more.

Step 4

Now if you have an app running, just shut it down, and run again. Now you should see diamonds in your account. There is nothing left. You can enjoy your game with big bunch of Diamonds! :)

What the Design Home app is?

By John Smith posted on May, 2017

Design Home is a mobile app prepared for iOS and Android systems. The game allows you to design  interior from your dreams. You can just bring them to life in this stunning 3D application. The game has a partnership with popular decor brands so you will be able to use their furniture in your "mobile" house!  There are thousands  pieces of highend furniture, rugs, plants, wall art to there is no chance that you would find nothing what will interest you.

You can also publish your design to the community and let other users vote for your home! You could win rankings, new items etc. It's such a good fun! Also... If you liked some of the furniture used in Design Home, you can but them directly through the app. You can make a project of your room, buy necessary things and make them come true in your house! Don't wait and use our Design Home Cheats and generate unlimited diamonds to get access to more amazing items in-game!